This is the first in a series of walkthroughs for the ThunderDome multi-cloud Cyber Range from Pwned Labs. This post will guide you through capturing the first flag, "Emerge Through the Breach". In the process, I will cover various tools and techniques, illustrating that there are multiple ways to achieve an objective.

Beginners can benefit from replicating this tradecraft, and even pros might learn a new thing or two! Walkthroughs also give me the opportunity to solidify and refresh my own understanding of offensive security concepts.


Starting pointÂ ğŸŽ¯

Since all we have to start with is the IP address, it makes sense to scan it and see what we find. Run nmap, rustscan, masscan or your port scanner of choice. You just need to run a tool with options that give you a reliable scan.

$ nmap -v -Pn -sCV -T4 -oN nmap.out


Quick breakdown of the Nmap flags

I'm not going to go into a lot of detail as there are plenty of Nmap tutorials out there and also the official docs.

The Nmap output shows a few interesting things: